Studio II Photography & Design Beaver Dam, KY


A guide to make your portraits great!

We understand that as a senior, you want your portraits to be unique, just like you! So, we offer several different sessions for you to select from.

The Traditional

  • One outfit, allow 30 minutes for this session

The Deluxe

  • Two outfits, allow one hour for this session

The Combination

  • Up to four outfits, (three indoor, one outdoor),
  • Allow two hours for this session

The Elite

  • Up to six outfits, (four indoor, two outdoor),
  • Creative digital imaging,
  • Allow three hours for this session,
  • Phone consult recommended

Once it is time for your session, there are some important things to remember. We want your face to be the focus of the pictures, and all other elements to be secondary. So, clothing must be chosen carefully so as to not distract too much from the face. Solid colors will match many different backgrounds, while bold stripes and patterns will be more limited. You should choose colors that compliment your skin tone. Keep in mind that black looks good on everyone and photographs well. Clothing can also help you express your personality, whether it be more formal, casual or in-between. Remember to bring shoes, jewelry, and accessories for each outfit, and don’t forget that your images can represent ALL seasons despite the temperature outside. You should also take extra outfits to your session, and we can help you choose! Avoid radically changing your hair right beforehand; instead just have it cut about a week before your appointment. If you have a hobby, bring it along! Musical instruments, art supplies, athletic uniforms, stuffed animals, skateboards or pets are welcome. If you have a specific idea, let us know. Think about who you are, what’s important to you and what you want to express in your senior portraits. We’ll use our knowledge and experience to create a photograph that reflects your distinctive personality!

Client Prep Cheat Sheet

  • Don’t get sunburned right before your session
  • Clean or freshly paint those nails
  • Bring a variety of outfits
  • Wear what you think you look best in
  • Bring props that recall your high school years