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A guide to making your portraits great!

Someday the child you hold now will be grown, and you‘ll wish to look back on this time in their life. The memories we capture today are more than just pictures, they’re images of their childhood. At Studio II we offer sessions for your child to help you preserve tomorrow’s memories, today.

The Limited

  • One outfit- Indoor or Outdoor

The Select

  • Two to three outfits- Indoor or Outdoor

Children of different ages require different clothing, styles, and props to create the most successful session for you!

Newborns and Infants – Little ones photograph best in simple clothing that won’t overpower their delicate features. Whites and pastels are classic choices, while this also is a great time for no clothes at all. We recommend that you bring the child’s favorite blanket, book or something else that would make the portrait unique to them.

Toddlers and Children- At this fun age, a child’s personality can shine through outfits and props that express their personality and favorite playtime activities.

Preteens and teens- Clothing, locations, and props that show moods, activities, and achievements of the time are good choices for these ages.

Siblings and Family- When more than one person is in the same portrait, clothing must be coordinated so that it stays within the same tonal ranges and styles.